Training needs analysis

Training needs analysis (TNA) is a structured approach to determine the most suitable solutions to knowledge or skills gaps brought about by changes in: equipment, personnel, legislation or policy, working practices or organisational culture. By applying a Systems Approach to Training (SAT) Methodolgy, we ensure a comprehensive training development audit trail is created as we produce high quality training interventions.

Explosive Learning Solutions offers a range of specialist TNA services. Our experts have over 40 years combined experience in the conduct of TNA in the public, private and voluntary sectors. This experience is underpinned by strong academic backgrounds to Masters-level in training, education and occupational psychology disciplines. We employ TNA techniques to develop solutions for hard and soft skills where training did not exist or where existing training was sub-optimal. We have extensive experience in the application of the UK MOD Defence Systems Approach to Training (DSAT) prescribed in JSP 822 and we can provide everything from initial scoping exercises to full TNA reports.

We can conduct TNA as a standalone training project or as part of a capability integration project. We have conducted TNA for:

  • Defence Human Capability Science Technology Centre
  • Social & Welfare
  • Royal Military Academy Sandhurst
  • Generic counter-IED training

Our tailored TNA approach integrates with your organisation to develop training methods and media that suit your organisational requirements. From the outset we work in partnership with your people to enable the change that is required with the introduction of new equipment, policies or personnel.

Training evaluation and return on investment

How good is your training and is it providing an acceptable return on investment (ROI)? Many organisations spend significant sums on training but seldom review its effectiveness because either they lack the expertise or time to evaluate their training.

At Explosive Learning Solutions we believe that every penny you spend on training should achieve a positive result. Our training evaluation specialists are unrivalled in their combined experience in evaluating training using both Kirkpatrick’s™ Model and Phillips™ ROI methodology and have been trained personally by both Don and Jim Kirkpatrick and Jack Phillips.

We can help you with your training evaluation needs by conducting studies on your behalf or by working alongside you to design and implement your own training evaluation system. This includes developing the strategy, procedures and tools. Whichever solution you choose we are confident we can improve the effectiveness and efficiency of your training to get you a better return on your training investment.

Training design and delivery

Explosive Learning Solutions’ training design and delivery staff offers a unique blend of experience, research and theoretical knowledge in the design of training media and the application of training methods. They are ideally positioned to help redesign any existing courses or design new courses from scratch. All our designers are qualified teachers experienced in adult education and training with proven track records in using new technologies to innovate modern solutions. In addition our trained, experienced, subject matter expert instructors can work independently or alongside your own trainers to deliver your existing training or training we have designed for you.

We can tailor the course for a breadth of audiences from senior executive to supervisors or from technicians to operators ensuring you have a course that not only suits your needs but the time you have for training.

Experienced across the whole range of media, our learning designers and trainers will help construct and deliver courses that suit your business needs, your people and your partners.

Move from survive to thrive. At ELS we are dedicated to creating engaging online learning solutions that will empower your staff to deliver to their potential. 

Recognising the rapid chnage in the business environment, ELS has developed a response that supports businesses to move from face to face training to online and distributed learning, whether it be a virtual, online presentation or interactive SCORM compliant eLearning package, ELS can transform your training on your LMS or ours.

Improvised explosive devices (IEDs) are a constantly evolving threat in conflict zones around the world. Explosive Learning Solutions is a recognised expert in dealing with the threat of IEDs, and their disposal. We have a wealth of operational experience gained in some of the world’s most challenging environments.

Explosive Learning Solutions currently supports both military and civilian agencies in the following areas:

Attack the network:

Our intelligence team analyses and reports on IED events, terrorist tactics and evolving methods of IED construction. We can provide a one-off customised report, or keep you updated on developments with a routine subscription.

Defeat the device:

At the edge of Improvised Explosive Device Disposal (IEDD), our C-IED specialists provide expert advice and support to the scientists and technicians developing new C-IED technology.

Preparing your personnel:

Our qualified training team can provide Training needs analysis (TNA) and design and deliver bespoke training courses. These include ‘train the trainer’ courses through to command/management level, so that your own staff can run C-IED events as and when they are needed.


Our C-IED team offer Level 1-3 exploitation expertise, including:

  • Weapons Intelligence Team (WIT) training
  • Post-IED event forensic reconstruction
  • The recording and implementation of lessons learned from an IED event

Contact us today for more information.

Explosive Learning Solutions provides experienced and highly capable Business Risk Practitioners to organisations that require specialist dedicated support. Our consultants provide support in the following areas:

  • Project/programme start-up
  • Risk management policy design and integration
  • Risk embedding and review

Explosive Learning Solutions can provide comprehensive risk management training so that your organisation can put in place effective risk mitigations through considered risk responses.

OME training

Explosive Learning Solutions has extensive experience in the design and delivery of training for those working with ordnance, munitions and explosives (OME). We can modify standard training courses to meet your requirements, or assess your specific learning needs and create bespoke packages, ensuring compliance in these areas amongst your workforce.

OME Awareness Course
1 day

An introductory level course for those new to the OME world. This is suitable for support staff or as a general introduction to a new project that will involve munitions or explosives.

The day covers:

  • the vocabulary and jargon commonly used throughout the industry
  • the key legal regulations (JSP 482)
  • identification of major hazards
  • the principles of safe working within this specialist environment

OME Logistic Operator
5 days

For those responsible for the storage of OME.


  • The law covering the storage of OME within the UK (JSP 482)
  • How to package and mark OME for storage and transportation
  • Risks associated with different types of ammunition
  • The use of unique identifiers
  • Hazard divisions
  • Compatibility groups and mixing rules
  • Explosives storage building and site design
  • Site licensing and routine maintenance
  • The receipt, store and issue of munitions and explosives
  • The preparation of vehicles for OME transportation

Authorised Representative (Road)
3 days

For those responsible for preparing ammunition and explosives loads for safe road movement.


  • The law covering the transport of OME within the UK (JSP 482)
  • How to complete Dangerous Goods paperwork

Completion of the course may be regarded as a competence benchmark, to demonstrate understanding of OME transportation.

OME Management Course
5 days

For those managing OME logistics staff, or in charge of sites containing OME. Also suitable for staff who need to understanding safe OME operations as part of their role, i.e. Health and Safety, or who work under the regulation of JSP 482.

Designed to give an overview; it covers:

  • The hazards presented by explosives and ammunition
  • The principles of explosives and ammunition storage
  • The legislation applying to the storage and movement of explosives and ammunition (JSP 482)
  • Publications and incident procedures