Our weekly get together hosted by our Technical Director Cath Convery, covering a whole host of topics. Each week Cath gathers speakers from all corners of the world to break down areas we are interested in, all into a 30 min coffee break.  Take a look below at what we have coming up and register to be a part of our chats and send in your questions.

If you have missed an episode, don’t fear! We record all our chats and they can be found below.

Neuroscience and Change

This week see’s Fiona Magee and Stella Collins, author of Neuroscience for Learning and Development, join Cath and discuss what does Neuroscience teach us about change?

10 July

Modern Slavery

Modern Slavery and how it impacts on business. Cath is joined by Marc Waterman to look at this issue from a Contract Management and Procurement basis and we hope Alison Hernandez the Chairman of the Modern Slavery Programme Strategic Oversight Board.

7 August

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Making a difference - Environmental change , a journey

This week Cath sits down with David Johnston OBE Wantage MP and Sally Povolotsky, winner of the Top 50 Women in Engineering Awards 2020, to talk Environment Change. 

Cycling -The advantage for business

This week Cath sits down with Dr Suzanne Bartington and Nicholas Woodland and talks about on why cycling should be part of the new normal more and more, and what advantages this will bring to businesses. 

Informal Learning

This week Cath sits down with Laura Overton from Tulser and Paul Matthews CEO People Alchemy Ltd. Taking a closer look at Informal Learning.


Change Management

This week Cath sits down with Lucy Finney and ELS’s very own Nicole Symes Frazer.

Mental Health Awareness Week

This week Cath sits down with Charlotte Jolliffe during Mental Health Week.

  • Any new trends we might have seen during lockdown.
  • What types of good  interventions are companies using?
  • with return to work imminent, what information is helpful to know.
  • Tips for helping individuals cope with stress.

Black Swan Thinking

This week Cath sits down with Rob Hoblin.

  • What is Black Swan Thinking?
  • How might an organisation prepare for Black Swan Risks?