Introduction to Company Accounts


This 1-day Foundation course introduces non-finance delegates to those financial statements encountered in the workplace. On completing this course learners will understand financial statements, financial terms and the concept of financial health.

Course Outline

  • Describe key concepts and principles of financial reporting including Final accounts.
  • Recognise categories of fixed and current assets and liabilities .
  • Understand the significance of and preparation of a Cashflow forecast.
  • Understand how common financial ratios indicate the financial health of an enterprise.

The course combines direct instruction, opportunities for discussion, sharing of practice, and practical team exercises to allow learners to work with others and embed their thinking. Learners leave with a course workbook containing the notes, templates and an outline of the tools they have used over the duration of the course, which they can reference and apply back in the workplace.

Price, dates and location

Open courses

Dates: Please contact us direct for further information
Level: Foundation
Duration: 1 day
Locations: Harwell Science & Innovation Campus

In-house courses

Dates: upon agreement
Level: Foundation
Duration: 1 day
Location: upon agreement

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