APMG Change Management Practitioner Course

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Dealing with change and, more importantly, the impact of change is a high priority for all organisations. Change is a constant challenge to all businesses and organisations – those individuals who are equipped with the knowledge and skills to identify, manage and take advantage of the dynamics required for success will be key contributors in any line of business.

Why it’s important

For individuals, to understand the process of sustaining change and know how to embed a change initiative as the new ‘business as usual’ within organisations is becoming strategically important. Building the organisation’s capability and capacity to deal successfully with change, improving agility, increasing the probability of successful business change/transformation directly links to supporting the strategic direction.

Developed in partnership with the Change Management Institute (CMI) – this is the definitive certification to distinguish effective change managers.

Get recognised for possessing the knowledge needed to contribute constructively to teams specifying, developing, implementing and sustaining change initiatives.

Certify your ability to:

  • Draw on a range of professional approaches to enable an organization to implement change effectively
  • Help people adjust to organizational change
  • Maintain stakeholder engagement during a change initiative
  • Minimize the risk associated with failed change initiatives
  • Establish effective change teams and address resistance to change
  • Increase the probability of successful business change or transformation
  • Catterpillars

What is required?

Change Management Foundation Certificate.

Who is practitioner for?

  • Change managers and aspiring change managers
  • Key staff involved in the design, development and delivery of change programmes – such as senior responsible owners, business change managers, programme managers and operational line managers
  • Change management foundation certified individuals. Foundation is a pre-requisite for the practitioner level certification

What are the key things you will learn?

  • How to identify the organisational drivers of a change initiative and how they link with any governance structures
  • A range of organisation paradigms to understand, support and sustain change processes
  • Effective preparation for a change initiative including building the change team, offering insights which improve team effectiveness
  • How to establish a clear framework of roles, skills and activities through which leaders can support and sustain the change process

Practitioner re-registration

The Change Management Examination Board has determined that all change management practitioners should be re-registered within three to fivecalendar years of their original certification.

The practitioner re-registration exam is set to the same standard as the original practitioner exam – albeit slightly shorter with a 90-minute duration.

Choose an ATO for a practitioner re-registration briefing session or book an exam through the self-study option.

Useful links

Change Management Institute https://www.change-management-institute.com/

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