APMG Managing Benefits Foundation Course

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Organisations are increasingly realising that at the strategic/portfolio perspective, they need to focus on “Benefits-Led” change initiatives rather than the traditional “Change-Led” benefits. It is “Outcomes” (leading to benefits) and their value and investment justification for that Change at Strategic and Initiative level. This guide encompasses the principals, practices and techniques of Benefits Management. The Managing Benefits course provides an in-depth understanding on how to define, evaluate and assess the benefits before, during and after the initiative, at portfolio and change initiative levels.

Why it’s important

This guide is important for “Optimising the Return from Investments” and is linked with “Value” (Management of Value) and “Strategy” (Management of Portfolios) and is essential for executive and senior members of organisa-tions in helping them understand more about the investments being made in organisational change.

What it covers

The Foundation certification will teach candidates definitions, scope and objectives of benefits management, barriers to it’s effective practice, and the key success characteristics, as well as the five practices contained within the Benefits Management Cycle and the relevant techniques applicable to each practice.  The course follows the syllabus as set down by the APMG Group.

Who will benefit

Managing Benefits is aimed at anyone with an interest in ensuring the best use of taxpayers and shareholders funds by optimising the benefits realised from change initiatives , including;

  • Senior executives
  • Portfolio managers and portfolio office staff
  • Business case writers


Three Days