Utilising Social Media tools



Audiences are dynamic, they continue to evolve and utilise technology to communicate, to find information, to network and to exploit opportunities. Social media is centric to the audience and the emergence of various platforms to fulfil the audience desire continues to grow. Utilise social media to maximise your organisation’s market awareness and footing directly relates to financial growth if it is done correctly as a strategic campaign. ELS has put together a one day course to offer an insight into utilising social media to assist organisations and personnel in their marketing and advertising campaigns.

Why it’s important

The majority of businesses these days are increasingly utilising social media platforms, posting sensitive and valuable personal information about their lives and their work. The inappropriate use of social media can adversely affect your business and damage its reputation, potentially leading to loss of revenue or information or both. Nevertheless social media platforms, when used effectively, can transform your business and allow it to reach new levels of opportunity and development. If you’re not already embracing social media as a business tool, you will lose potential customers to competitors.

What it covers

This one day course focuses on how start-up businesses can efficiently create and manage an effective social media platform presence and includes modules on:

  • Your communication strategy
  • ‘The Big 4’ – LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube
  • How to optimise social media platforms for the business
  • Threat and opportunities when using social media

Enjoyable and interesting training that is tailored to your new business. A thorough understanding of the risks of social media platforms and knowledge of how to maximise your social media footprint in order to capitalise on the numerous opportunities for online business growth. You will also start to use social media for your own business – the intent on the course is that you work on your business.

Who will benefit

New businesses that wish to make a big impact on social media platforms and capitalise on the many opportunities, as well as gain a thorough understanding of the threats in order to safeguard personnel, reputation and credibility and realise greater ROI through online activities and campaigns.


One day.