Management of Portfolios MoP® Foundation and Practitioner Course

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An organisation needs to constantly consider its business as usual (BAU) activities, assessing whether they are efficient and whether activities are aligned to corporate vision. If not, change will need to be effected within BAU.

The ability to introduce change and balancing calculated risks against anticipated return on investment (ROI), benefit and value for an organisation is a key skill for senior management and people within change delivery and support roles.

Our MoP® accredited course looks at the management of an organisations’ programme, project and BAU activities, aligning change activities to organisational objectives whilst assessing risk and reward.

What it covers

There will be a requirement for some MoP® guide reading prior to the course. MoP® is structured around five flexible principles within which two cycles and 12 portfolio management practices exist. The contents of the course includes:

  • Introduction: What is MoP® and why it is needed within organisations?
  • The MoP® best practice principles
  • Definition, delivery cycles and practices to be applied when using MoP®
  • Governance approach and roles to consider for MoP® implementation
  • Organisational energy as a key factor influencing and maintaining the value of MoP®
  • Best practice ideas for the application of MoP® in project and programme management environments
  • Keys to success when assessing and integrating MoP® into an organisation

Who will benefit

MoP® certification is for: senior managers; programme or project managers or anyone who supports the change environment within an organisation. Typically, anyone who holds PRINCE2®, MSP®, MoV®, P3O®, ITIL® or APMPMQ® certification will benefit from attending the course, though possession of these qualifications is not a course entry pre-requisite.


Foundation examination assessment takes the form of a 50 question, 40 minute, closed book multiple choice paper. A 50% correct answer rating is required to pass the examination.

Practitioner examination assessment takes the form of an 80 question, 180 minute, open book (MoP® guide only) multiple choice paper. A 50% correct answer rating is required to pass the examination.


Five days. Foundation only; three days.

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