Managing Successful Programmes (MSP®) Practitioner Course

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Managing Successful Programmes (MSP®) was developed as a best practice guide on programme management. The guide comprises a set of principles and a set of processes for use when managing a programme. MSP represents proven programme management best practice in the successful delivery of transformational change through the application of programme management.

Why it’s important

Today’s organisations exist in a climate of constant and increasing change. Organisations that have learned how to transform themselves through effective leadership and strategic control are more likely to survive and prosper. Programme management is increasingly being recognised as key to enabling organisations to manage that transformation.

MSP framework

The MSP framework is based on three core concepts:

  • MSP principles: these are derived from positive and negative lessons learned from programme experiences. They are the common factors that underpin the success of any transformational change.
  • MSP governance themes: These define an organisation’s approach to programme management. They allow an organisation to put in place the right leadership, delivery team, organisation structures and controls, giving the best chance for success.
  • MSP transformational flow: This provides a route through the lifecycle of a programme from its conception through to the delivery of the new capability, outcomes and benefits.


Who is practitioner for?

Project managers, BCMs, experts and advisers working within a programme office and other specialist/governance roles involved in supporting programmes following the MSP guidance together with those wishing to pursue higher level qualifications (e.g. programme managers). This level is also suitable for SROs.

What are the key things you will learn?

  • How to identify additional value as a result of managing the described change as an MSP programme
  • Applying each of the MSP principles, the governance themes and the transformational flow processes and their activities
  • The relationship between the MSP principles, governance themes, the transformational flow, programme information (documents) and the MSP defined programme management roles
  • How to produce and evaluate examples of MSP programme information (documents)

Advanced practitioner

What is required?

  • MSP Foundation certificate
  • MSP Practitioner certificate

Who is practitioner for?

Including but not limited to: SROs, programme managers, those appointed to lead a portfolio or programme support function, BCMs and other programme support and management professionals.

What are the key things you will learn?

  • How to determine whether MSP is an appropriate framework for an identified change initiative
  • Justifying specific activities that should be undertaken by each of the defined MSP rolesduring each of the processes of the transformational flow
  • How to produce, evaluate and suggest improvements to examples of MSP programmeinformation (documents)
  • How to evaluate the effectiveness of the application of each of the MSP principles, thegovernance themes and the transformational flow processes
  • How to adapt the programme’s approach to the governance themes to the needs of both thewider programme environment and the sponsoring organization
  • How to learn from experience and, as a result, propose alternative approaches that wouldimprove the effectiveness of the application of each of the MSP principles, thegovernance themes and the transformational flow processes

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