End Point Assessment

What is an End Point Assessment?
End-Point Assessment (EPA) is the final stage of an Apprentices journey through their Apprenticeship programme. EPA are the final assessments that allows an apprentice to demonstrate their required knowledge, skills and behaviours for the apprenticeship standard and role they have been training for. After the Apprenticeship “In-Training ” stage, which the apprentice undertakes with their Training Provider or Employer-Provider, the apprentice will go through a process called the ‘Gateway’ . This is a formal meeting between the apprentice, employer and the training provider. During this process the apprentice is signed-off by their employer as being ready for their End-Point Assessments. The employer will only sign off the “In-Training” stage during the Gateway process if all the components of the apprenticeship standard and all pre-requisites have been completed including any functional skills qualifications or workplace qualifications required to meet the full apprenticeship. Knowledge tests, presentations, project, practical demonstrations are some of the assessment methods used in end-point assessment.

Assessments are carried out with an independent end-point assessor (IEPA) who grades the assessments. The IEPA conducts the assessments on behalf of the independent, registered End-Point Assessment Organisation like ELS. The EPAO must be independent to the apprentice, employer and training provider.

End Point Assessment Services
As a registered End Point Assessment Organisation (EPAO), ELS is delighted to be able to offer a range of EPA services and materials to support apprentices, employers, employer-providers and training providers.

At ELS we design, develop and deliver high quality end-point assessment services and support materials.

Whether you are an Employer, Training Provider, Employer-Provider, College or an Apprentice looking for an End-Point Assessment Organisation, ELS is here to support your EPA needs and answer any questions you may have.

Our friendly EPA Team, along with our EPA supporting materials will smoothly guide you through the EPA process.

Please refer to the legal tool bar at the bottom of this page to access our EPA policies.

Make ELS your EPAO


For Employers

Employers must select an independent EPAO to carry out the End-Point Assessment.

Working with ELS EPAO


For Training Providers & Employer Providers

Training Providers work with both the Employer and EPAO as well as the apprentice.

Become an ELS IEPA or IAQ


For Independent End-Point Assessors  and Internal Quality Assureres

Apply to become an independent End Point Assessor with ELS.

Standards ELS End-Point Assess

For Employers, Training Providers and Assessors

ELS provides End Point Assessments for a range of apprenticeship standards.