The world of Apprenticeships has seen many changes over the years and Employers are in the driving seat when it comes to apprenticeships. Employers now design and develop the apprenticeship standards, negotiate the prices, select the training providers and choose which end-point assessment organisations they want. ELS appreciates it can be time consuming and daunting trying to find the right training provider and end-point assessment organisation for your employees, especially when it is the employers choice which end-point assessment organisation they wish to use. At ELS we pride ourselves on the business acumen of our teams, the information and advice we provide and the professional support materials we give to our customers. We would like to be your first end-point assessment organisation of choice, guiding you and your apprentices through the end-point assessment process and activities.

Ideally apprentices should be registered with an end-point assessment organisation as soon as possible, after being enrolled onto their apprenticeship programme. However, if this is not the case and your apprentices’ Gateway is approaching soon, please fill in the enquiry form, located on this page and a member of our EPA Team will give you a call within 3 working days to discuss your end-point assessment needs.

Our Scheduling Team will liaise with you to obtain the estimated date of your Gateway Meeting with your training provider. If your Gateway Meeting is imminent we will work with you to secure end-Point assessment dates/times as soon as possible as long as all Gateway requirements and pre-requisites have been met. Our Scheduling Team will provide your apprentices with the necessary EPA Support Guides and materials to help them to prepare for their end-point assessment activities and will maintain communication with you leading up to Gateway.