Independent End Point Assessors and Internal Quality Assurers

“Explosive Learning Solutions Ltd (ELS) have been delivering current and engaging training solutions for over 15 years throughout the UK and globally. March 2020 ELS were awarded our EPAO status. Since being awarded our EPAO status ELS have been busy applying to End-Point assess a wide range of apprenticeship standards. We pride ourselves on using occupationally competent and qualified assessors to conduct our independent End-Point Assessments. Many of our assessors and IQA’s also hold subject specific qualifications. ELS are looking for passionate, dedicated and enthusiastic people to join our team of flexible associate IEPAs and IQAs.”
Caroline Walton, Head of End-Point Assessment

Qualified Assessors and Quality Assurers
If you are a qualified assessor and / or IQA and are interested in working for ELS as an associate Independent Assessor or Independent IQA please select the standard you wish to be considered for. Please submit your CV along with the relevant Competency Template to This is stage 1 of our recruitment process. Our Head of End-Point Assessment, along with HR will identify the most suitable applicants and then invite them to stage 2 of our recruitment process which is a face to face interview, either in person or remotely.

Personal Development 
ELS offer 2 courses which can help with your personal development as an assessor. These are:

City and Guilds – Level 3 Certificate in Assessing Vocational Achievement (CAVA) – This qualification is for practitioners working in or looking to work in assessment and will help you to progress your career as a trainer and a qualified assessor.

Level 3 Award in Undertaking End Point Assessment (RQF) – This qualification is for practitioners working or looking wot work in the end point assessment (EPA) within the Apprenticeship sector.

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