Specialist Function – Aircraft Handling

The aircraft handling specialist takes day to day control of key functions and services applied to the aircraft and its envir onment on the ground. They will operate either as a specialist performing complex handling tasks or lead and supervise their team in an aircraft turn- round function, loading and unloading of passenger baggage and air cargo, safely and conforming to current carrier/organisational standards. Effective decision making, communication and influence on others are important aspects of the role, as well as being aware of commercial pressures and operational deadlines along with protecting brand reputation at all times. Acting as a professional role model, responsible for their actions and those of their team, to be a good ambassador for their organisation.

Knowledge and Understanding



The detailed requirements and procedures for the correct movement, placement and marshalling of aircraft and the importance of detailed controls for mover vehicles.

Safely manoeuvre and position vehicles, monitoring team to ensure correct marshalling hand signals and techniques are used.

Loading instruction report and balancing

The importance of the correct preparation and interpretation of and conformance to loading instruction reports (LIR) for both inbound and outbound aircraft, within aircraft weight and balance characteristics, structural limitations and compartment maximums.

Produce and complete a LIR/Load Sheet compliant with aircraft type and within manufacturer’s limitations, delegate and brief teams to complete the tasks defined by the LIR and monitor their compliance and performance in accordance with the LIR.

Load and unload

The loading and unloading procedures for all types of aircraft in area of operation, including hold doors, floor locks, nets, and inter plane systems and how to apply the principles of restraint and manage the assets and team to deliver an efficient service.

Plan and prepare the airside environment with sufficient.

Air Cargo Handling Equipment (ACHE). Lead, supervise and mentor the team during the on/off load of the aircraft, by providing briefings, delegating tasks, checking loads are safely restrained and that the process complies with the LIR.

Specialist equipment

The requirements and responsibilities of self and team members in checking specialised equipment, including Unit Load Devices (ULDs), prior to use, ensuring safe operation and correct storage after use.

Monitor and supervise team members carrying out daily inspections prior to using the specialist equipment, including ULDs, ensuring its safe operation and that it is left in a safe, secure, allocated area after use.


As a specialist, all aspects of aircraft servicing/turnaround management, pre/post use checks of holds and all hold locks.

Demonstrate/mentor and supervise the preparation and configuration the aircraft holds for departure.