Specialist Function – Aircraft Movement

An aircraft movement specialist is responsible for the efficient movement and recovery of fixed and rotary wing aircraft and the safety of other team members at a variety of airports / heliports and other landing platforms within the civil aviation and military arenas. They take responsibility for team members using specialised equipment to move aircraft within an aviation environment in accordance with standard operating procedures.

Knowledge and Understanding


The operation of an airside vehicle

Briefing the team to prepare prior to use airside, and procedures for safe operation of airside vehicles, including how to deal with incidents or emergencies while operating an airside vehicle.

Monitor team members preparing to use a vehicle airside, ensure vehicle operations comply with aviation standard operating procedures and implement the correct procedures in the event of incidents or emergencies with an airside vehicle.

Operate Aviation Specialist equipment

The requirements and responsibilities of self and team members in checking specialised equipment prior to use, ensuring safe operation and correct storage after use.

Monitor and supervise team members carrying out daily inspections prior to using the specialist equipment, ensuring its safe operation and that it is left in a safe, secure, allocated area after use.

Airside Marshalling

How team prepare the area and required equipment prior to marshalling of aircraft and or vehicles, correct marshalling procedures, including the correct monitoring of operation of marshalling equipment and team members.

Monitor the team to ensure correct preparation of the airside environment for marshalling of aircraft and or vehicles, and monitor marshalling of aircraft and or vehicles in accordance with organisation’s standard operating procedures.

The safe manoeuvring of aircraft vehicles and personnel airside

The rules and regulations for aircraft, vehicles and personnel operating airside and how to ensure compliance with airport safety requirements.

Ensure the rules and regulations for aircraft , vehicles and team members operating airside are adhered to in accordance with airport safety requirements, identify and report risks and ensure compliance in line with organisational procedures.