Specialist Function – Fire Fighter

Work as a lead member on a Fire Service Watch and carry out all associated duties to agreed level of authority such as mainta in specialist equipment and deal with incidents and emergencies of a structural and aviation nature.

Knowledge and Understanding


Save & preserve endangered life

Fire and rescue service responsibilities and procedures for search and rescue operations in an aviation environment.

Lead a search and rescue team for casualties involved in incidents, coordinate treatment and support casualties involved in incidents.

Resolve aviation fire & rescue incidents

The processes and procedures for resolving aviation fire and rescue operational and special service incidents.

Lead the control and extinguishing of aviation fires and resolve special service incidents, providing support for people involved in an operational incident.

Take responsibility for effective performance in fire and rescue

How to make a positive contribution to the fire and rescue operation in your organisation including physical fitness requirements, health and safety of the working environment both at base and when attending incidents, maintaining effective working relationships with colleagues during routine tasks and during incidents and continuing to develop your skills and knowledge of fire and rescue operations.

Take responsibility for development of knowledge skills, physical fitness and behaviours relevant to own performance in a fire and rescue organisation, including working with others during routine tasks and when responding to incidents.

Test, maintain and operate specialist aviation firefighting equipment

Test frequencies and how to plan, select and check specialist firefighting equipment, understanding how to use it in accordance with organisational policy and how to record, report and rectify faults relating to the equipment.

Plan, select and check specialist firefighting equipment in accordance with appropriate test frequencies.

Use specialist firefighting equipment in accordance with organisational policy, record, report and rectify faults of relevant specialist firefighting equipment.

Protect environment from hazardous materials

The effects that firefighting media may have on the environment, and own and the organisation’s responsibilities to follow procedures for protecting the environment from the effects of hazardous materials during fire and rescue incidents.

Minimise damage to the environment from hazardous materials and decontaminate people and property. Support people involved in an operational incident.