Specialist Function – Flight Operations

Flight operations specialists should provide guidance and leadership to colleagues in the flight operations team, facilitating the smooth flow of air traffic by providing information both themselves and with the support of team members, to key stakeholders including flight crew and air traffic controllers. They may be employed in an air traffic control tower, operations room, military installation or in other remote areas such as the London Area and Terminal Control Centre at Swanwick in Hampshire.

Knowledge and Understanding


Support flight Operations

The role of a specialist in supporting flight operations and operating conditions.

How to devise and implement relevant procedures in the event of an aviation incident / emergency.

Support and monitor team members to collect, collate and supply information and complete other duties during flight operations.

Devise and implement relevant procedures for use in the event of an aviation incident/emergency.

Monitor the weather in an aviation environment

The procedure to obtain weather forecasts their key features, what the data means for flight operations and how the information must be used.

Obtain, interpret and act on weather forecasts in line with organisational procedures , taking appropriate action to ensure the optimal performance of flight operations based on the report.

Reducing aviation hazards

Application of procedures for identifying, reporting and reducing aviation hazards, and the process for distributing pertinent information on aviation risks.

Accurately apply the procedures for identifying, reporting and reducing aviation hazards and distribute pertinent aviation safety information to relevant stakeholders within the required timescale.

Resolve multifaceted aviation issues

Identification of aviation issues and the different choices to resolve them, including how to implement the most appropriate solution, determining when the situation has been resolved satisfactorily, and what action to take if it has not.

Identify aviation issues and select and implement the most suitable solution, reviewing the situation to ensure it has be resolved.