Specialist Functions – Passenger Operations

A passenger operations specialist takes day to day control of key areas of the passenger journey through the airport. Workin g with a range of internal and external stakeholders and agencies they must provide an efficient and effective experience that meets and exceeds customer needs and maintains operational and regulatory standards. Effective decision making, communication and influence on others are important aspects of the role, along with protecting brand reputation at all times.

Knowledge and Understanding


Travel documentation

How to deal with issues relating to passports, visas and other statutory or organisational travel documentation required for travel, including procedures for and implications of making decisions on acceptance or refusal for travel.

Monitor passports, visas and other travel documentation in area of responsibility, dealing with issues as they arise by liaising with other organisations and agencies appropriate to the travel destination making recommendations for action and validation.

Check in

Operational systems and procedures for check in and how to deal with check in issues, including the impact of decisions made and how to maintain operational standards of performance and customer satisfaction.

Work with check in team, senior management and other stakeholders as required to maintain operational standards and commercial performance, customer satisfaction and address check in issues, e.g. late check ins, overbooking, complaints, excess baggage and special requests and requirements.

Gate processes

Systems, procedures and monitoring requirements for boarding, departure and arrival of passengers.

Know how to maintain equipment and address failures of equipment and processes to minimise disruption and delay.

Liaise with the customer, airline and colleagues to ensure efficient boarding, departure and arrival procedures meeting service standards and aviation regulations. Proactively address issues that arise at the gate, making effective decisions to ensure a satisfactory outcome and on time departure.

Customer service and communication

How to deal with complex customer needs which may affect the aviation operation.

How to communicate to customers in challenging situations in individual and group situations Understand the procedures for service recovery.

Monitor area of responsibility to ensure customer satisfaction and adherence to operational standards Communicate effectively with passengers, crew and other parties in the event of disruption, keeping them informed of progress, actions and results.

Address complex customer needs to ensure service standards and individual requirements are maintained.