Ordnance, Munitions, Explosives Technician – Level 4

An Ordnance Munitions and Explosives Technician will be involved in or contribute to the design and operation or OME by preparing explosives compositions and devices.

This occupation is found in the ordnance, munitions and explosives (OME) sector in small, medium and large organisations in the public and private sectors. These include the Royal Navy, British Army, Royal Air Force, defence contractors (research and manufacture), the security services, mining and quarrying companies, the film industry (special effects) and pyrotechnics manufacturers. 

The end-point assessment takes place at the end of the apprentice’s learning and development after a minimum of twelve months ‘on-programme’ training and development, equating to a minimum of 20% of the apprenticeship as ‘off job’ training. The end-point assessment should only commence once the employer is confident that the apprentice has developed all the knowledge, skills and behaviours defined in the apprenticeship standard. It ensures that all successful apprentices have achieved the industry set professional standard for a Ordnance Munitions and Explosives Technician. 

Once the employer is satisfied, the end-point assessment can be arranged with an ELS 

Apprentice End-Point Assessment Journey