Ammunition Management

OME training

Explosive Learning Solutions has extensive experience in the design and delivery of training for those working with ordnance, munitions and explosives (OME). We can modify standard training courses to meet your requirements, or assess your specific learning needs and create bespoke packages, ensuring compliance in these areas amongst your workforce.

OME Awareness Course
1 day

An introductory level course for those new to the OME world. This is suitable for support staff or as a general introduction to a new project that will involve munitions or explosives.

The day covers:

  • the vocabulary and jargon commonly used throughout the industry
  • the key legal regulations (JSP 482)
  • identification of major hazards
  • the principles of safe working within this specialist environment

OME Logistic Operator
5 days

For those responsible for the storage of OME.


  • The law covering the storage of OME within the UK (JSP 482)
  • How to package and mark OME for storage and transportation
  • Risks associated with different types of ammunition
  • The use of unique identifiers
  • Hazard divisions
  • Compatibility groups and mixing rules
  • Explosives storage building and site design
  • Site licensing and routine maintenance
  • The receipt, store and issue of munitions and explosives
  • The preparation of vehicles for OME transportation

Authorised Representative (Road)
3 days

For those responsible for preparing ammunition and explosives loads for safe road movement.


  • The law covering the transport of OME within the UK (JSP 482)
  • How to complete Dangerous Goods paperwork

Completion of the course may be regarded as a competence benchmark, to demonstrate understanding of OME transportation.

OME Management Course
5 days

For those managing OME logistics staff, or in charge of sites containing OME. Also suitable for staff who need to understanding safe OME operations as part of their role, i.e. Health and Safety, or who work under the regulation of JSP 482.

Designed to give an overview; it covers:

  • The hazards presented by explosives and ammunition
  • The principles of explosives and ammunition storage
  • The legislation applying to the storage and movement of explosives and ammunition (JSP 482)
  • Publications and incident procedures