Training Design & Development

You may be looking for a training solution that is tailored to your organisation needs or a bespoke learning intervention to address a particular need.  

ELS’ Learning Development Advisors (LDAs) offers a unique blend of knowledge (rooted in instructional theories and models), skills and experience for the design and development of your training solution.  We adopt a systematic approach to learning design building on the learning requirements of your organisation.  Through the application of SAT (systems approach to training) methodology, working with you we analyse and identify what the learner needs to know and be able to do having undertaken a learning or training intervention.

Our LDAs will create the course design, lesson plans and any instructional materials that you require, be they for an in-person training course, virtual, or online learning course.  Our LDAs work closely with media and content professionals to bring you the optimal blend of physical media (course folders, handouts and other materials), digital products and eLearning. 

At ELS, we are ideally positioned to help you in the design of new training courses or the redesign of your existing courses for the COVID-19 era. All our LDAs are qualified educational professionals, experienced in adult education and training with a proven record of integrating new technologies to innovate modern solutions. We can tailor courses for a breadth of audiences from senior executive to supervisors or from technicians to managers ensuring you have the learning solution that not only suits your needs but can be delivered at a time and place of your choice.

Our Customers include: