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ELS opens a new office!

ELS has rapidly expanded in recent months, so at the start of August 2019 we expanded our offices double to the size!

This was a massive expansion for ELS, doubling its total office area. ELS are a rapidly expanding company with 24+ core staff and over 100 associates. It became very evident that our staff were spilling over the edges at No. 4, The Terraces, and needed to be able to spread their wings over a much larger office space by also occupying No. 1, The Terraces. This involved an upgrade of equipment and a revamp to the look and feel of the whole company, with new work spaces created and designated subject rooms.

Our original buliding remains the busy hub of sales, HR and office management upstairs, whereas the whole of downstairs has now been turned into a clean and spacious training room to enable us to hold the majority of our courses in-house.

Our new building at No. 1 consists of the bid writing team and trainers downstairs, with project work and our creative hub upstairs.

Success with The Hive pop-up shop at ELS

ELS are hosting pop-up shops presented by The Hive, a local clean living company.

This successful event celebrated eco living with home cleaning refills and an eco shop with goodies such as soaps, bamboo and coconut products for washing and cleaning. and an array of hair care products. 

Many of us bought our empty plastic bottles from home to be refilled with the scrumptious products on offer. This event proved so popular that we will be hosting it on a monthly basis!


  • September 2019
    Office expansion
  • September 27th
    The Hive at ELS
    11:30 to 14:00
  • October 25th
    The Hive at ELS
    11:30 to 14:00
ELS Environmental October Newsletter

Environmental Group launch

In the summer of 2019, ELS launched their Evironmental Group.

ELS recognise the importance of protecting the environment by becoming the ultimate lean, green recycling machine!

Cath cleans up!

Cath Convery, of ELS, has been making a stand for climate change and was recently the subject of a double page spread in B4 magasine, along with her energetic and resounding environmental stands to protect our planet. Cath and her team at ELS set an example that every business would do well to take on board.

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