When writing a bid or proposal, getting the right team together is crucial. At ELS, we have experienced consultants who can support you in your bidding process.

Bid Manager

The bid manager is responsible for the process-compliant, efficient creation and timely submission of a high quality bid or proposal document to the customer. They are the head of the bid team and are responsible for the orientation, coordination and design of the submission. To a certain extent they are the conductor of the team. ELS have a number of experienced bid managers – when asking for their CV why not ask for their win rate as well.

Bid Support Officer

In our opinion, this is one of the key roles for larger bids. If a bid is using negotiated procedure or if there are a large amount of bid mechanics to be found and worked on then the bid support office is critical to this work. The deal with the content side of the proposal but also the very time consuming work of ensuring the bid is format, proof read, potentially translated, printed and bound correctly to reach the client by the submission date. As information comes into the proposal they will ensure that it is logged and stored correctly and the right member of the proposal team have seen and worked on it.

Solution Architect/Business Analyst

The solution architects are responsible for the actual subject matter and content of the proposal. They will define and develop the solution; establish any cost blocks; work on risks in their area of the solution and the associated costs and assumptions.

Contract Manager

The contract manager is responsible for the commercially correct creation or review of the contractually relevant texts in the proposal and for some larger bids also ensuring the supply chain is on contract when required at the least risk to the prime. Our Contract Managers are often invited into negotiations sessions. We do not supply legal experts.