Strategy Development

Strategic planning is a management discipline which can be used to optimise the performance and potential of any organisation. It looks beyond everyday operations, challenges and opportunities to examine the organisation’s overall potential. It requires planners to agree the long term goals of their organisation, to identify and evaluate the alternative ways of achieving these goals, and to select the most appropriate way forward.

Staff at Explosive Learning Solutions have worked at the strategic level in both government and non governmental organisations and have provided strategic consultation across the development and security sector. We base our consultancy work on the principles of:

  • Vision and objectives
  • Strategic analysis
  • Strategic choice
  • Strategic implementation

Recent work has seen Explosive Learning Solutions providing a holistic solution to the Government of the Republic of South Africa in the areas of BAC and increasingly poorly managed / disused, military ranges. We worked with them to develop an integrated, sustainable strategy, directly benefiting the affected communities across the country.